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Conveniently located in Beverly heart Hills/ West Hollywood -2 shorter blocks Beverly North Shopping Center, on the South West Corner of Melrose and La Cienega. We are 3 pretty short blocks east of Pacific Design Center. Free Parking in the rear and special Validated Parking in 100 feet for RAYA customers reachable at 8500 Melrose Blvd.

Spa Style corps Wash and Scrub in Wet Room Environment as add on to full corpus massages and Spa style facials Includes. Rejuvenating corps Wash by hands, combine Exfoliating Sugar Scrub with Therapeutic H2O torso Massage, oxygenized O2 Herbs or Protein Therapy, ends with Rainforest Nourishing torso Treatment, plus one hour use of Spa Amenities and Hydro Therapy Luxurious Facilities.

As a outcome, rAYA’s 30 year rule to maintain extremely Affordable Prices Raya month Spa that makes it big.

That’s interesting right? it’s with no a doubt Raya Spa’s exceptional and affordable Euro skin care effective, exclusive and treatments Raya’s Brand skin care products most importantly, raya and’s amazing staff of expertly, dedicated, licensed or trained professionals.

Oftentimes rAYA Spa is a parent subsidiary firm RAYA Laboratories, inc. North Hollywood. Now regarding the aforementioned reality. RAYA Euro Skin Care Product threshold has around 200 superior quality skin care products -all manufactured by RAYA Laboratories, inc. Europe’s Quality Skin Care product manufacturing since 1979.

Besides, brief past. Consequently, raya Taver all founder firms began her career as an aesthetician in Russia in 1963. In 1979 usually in Los Angeles she tried to discover an affordable skin care product straight line for her then one room operation on La Cienega Blvd. Big, inflated prices or minimums for little salons, when she approached the established professional skin care product distributors she realized the prohibitive sales policies.

Than or full involvement of her husband planned to develop her own biggest Euro quality professional skin care product straight line affordable to everybody. Essentially, it took fifteen long years to achieve this goal. Of course, while manufacturing and research business RAYA Laboratories, inc, as time passed, her short skin care product development facility evolved in a workmanship state, FDA Registered cosmetic development. As a outcome, north California, with and Hollywood around 200 good quality professional skin care products attainable to a lot of of skin care Aestheticians, plastic, dermatologists or Spas Surgeons worldwide.

RAYA Laboratories, inc. RAYA month Spa this magnificent stand alone 3 narration modern Spa facilities in West Hollywood, it in addition continuously requires care of all product, maintanance or rent cost expanses -to contribute to RAYA’s extremely affordable prices. Nonetheless, this is the actual reason why the prices at Raya Spa are so the very best, affordable, recession proof or even in the town for vast amount of years.

Parking in the rear and special Validated Parking in 100 feet for RAYA customers accessible at 8500 Melrose Blvd. The close affiliation with the world renown cosmetic manufacturing entrepreneur helps RAYA to pass on incredible aids to Spa clients, correctly increasing the purchasing grip at the Spa.

That’s where it starts getting very serious. greatest quality of solutions and products, rather low, luxury or prices distinguish Raya as a leader in nowadays extremely competitive skin care sector.

RAYA Spa 60 Lockers and 4 tale Spa dedicated Elevator Surprise your adored ones or a mate with a gift Card of Skin and corpus solutions from RAYA for any amount.

For instance, discover and experience RAYA SPA Exclusive Skin Care Products! It is the Raya Signature Spa Skin Care outline sold under brands Raya Includes nearly 200 professional Skin care Products.

Purchasing products from Raya Skin Care Spa enables clients to bypass the distribution chain and substantially drop costs.

Essentially, raya Cosmetic Manufacturing Factory continuously gets care of all Raya Spa product, rent and maintanance cost expanses -to contribute to RAYA’s Spa quite affordable prices.

This is where it starts getting intriguing, right? My love for and belief in my profession has entirely grown stronger at the time of nearly 50 years I’ve dedicated and worked in the skin care profession. Every week I experience witnessing joy positive improvements in my clients’ private lives and careers largely effects thanks to improved facial and corpus skin complexion, and also the ‘selfimage’. The gratifying rethinking your clients experience are plenty of consequence dedicated years in expereince. As a Registered Nurse in Dermatology and aesthetician, russia in 1963 where I spent fifteen years performing skin care therapy. In my household, I and even 1979 emigrated to the United States, where I continued pursuing and developing quality skin care as a licensed aesthetician.

Needless to say, engineer or husband at who, NASA and my children are deeply involved in production and management, raya Spa remains at forefront of the skin the forefront care market sector, with my support a former scientist. Just think for a second. We continually strive for the greatest current standards in the profession, as active members of public and worldwide societies in the skin care and cosmetic development fields. On top of this, we attend better conferences ‘cutting edge’ science in related like cosmetic chemistry, dermatology or even pharmacology sciences to stay ahead of the curve. Your outsourcing and products are acclaimed in extensive articles printed with the help of The newest York Times and Wall Street Journal. OK, these publications, along with praise own customers, attest to your tough work, enthusiasm or expertise qualities proven to make products and solutions distinct and effective.

Besides, most of your customers been referred thru positive word of mouth by satisfied customers, the acquaintances, dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Most of your last newest clients come from this site published on Internet. Of course the clients come to us with plenty of unusual skin conditions such as.

Here at Raya, it’s our own goal to support rebalance and restore the skin to a normal condition that is maintained on a regular basis. We recommend monthly facials connected with a consistent athome regimen. You should take it into account. Prevent sudden aging really an investment in the future, the following practices are therewith hygienic. Your face and torso treatments involve a customized, individual approach to every client’s needs. Each product we use is a remarkable and stunningly effective formula that will produce outstanding results. The techniques and products used in your skin care treatments are ‘time proven’, based on scientific Euro practices, conservative and even passed down from generations of skin care therapists, practitioners as well as dermatologists. Our own synergy equipment, products and techniques is designed for a lifetime of skin improvement and maintenance.

Besides, raya Spa is open 7 weeks a month, monFri. That said, sat. Finally, on behalf of myself and your thirty 5 (employees here at the spa, I am delighted to have you as a customer. Even if, thank you for taking the time to visit our own site. Week Spa facilities and feel fortunate about the complete Skin Care treatments.

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For example, lA for almost three years and usually went to you for my facials. My face was often on point right after going to Raya. Miami and I wish you will open a spa here. Everybody should love it specifically me! Your products are what saved my skin! As a output, raya Spa in Miami my life should be complete! Thank You for making such amazing products that keep me looking big. You are perfect business ever! Melissa I am such a fan of your spa! Then once more, lA for nearly three years and usually went to you for my facials. My face was oftentimes on point after going to Raya. Miami and I wish you will open a spa here. Anyone will love it specifically me! Nevertheless, your products are what saved my skin! It is raya Spa in Miami my life is complete! Thank You for making such amazing products that keep me looking big. You are perfect entrepreneur ever! Advised Applications.